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  • Auto Open

  • Microwave, grill and microwave combination

  • Children lock

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Product Description

Door opener touch sensor

Forget the old fashioned knobs and knobs! Opening the oven door by touch is extremely convenient and aesthetically pleasing. No need to use any force, just a light touch, the door will automatically open. The control panel is flat, and there are no gaps like other mechanical buttons or controls, helping to keep things clean. It's so convenient!

Multiwave microwave feature

Want to reheat food but the outer layer is burnt while the inside is still cold? With the Fagor microwave, your lasagne is guaranteed to be perfect. Thanks to many Multiwave microwave emission points combined with the turntable, food is heated evenly on the outside and inside.

Baking feature

In the middle of the night and you're craving roast pork with crispy skin? Nothing can be simpler, just put the meat in the Fagor microwave, and select the grill function, you will have a delicious hot crispy dish right away. Bake the world!

Microwave combined baking

Want your food to be grilled with a crispy outside while still being soft on the inside? With the combigrill function, which combines microwave and grill modes, the dish will be perfectly hot with a delicious and crispy crust. Bon appétit!

Defrost over time

Need to use a large slice of meat but the meat is frozen? Don't worry, set the defrost time, the Fagor microwave will defrost food for you. There is no need to defrost for a long time, and reduce the risk of bacteria growth in food. Fagor Microwave is always on time!

Defrost by weight

Want to eat pizza, but it's completely frozen? No problem! Please specify the weight of the dish, the microwave will automatically adjust the power and defrost time. With defrost by weight mode, food will be defrosted quickly without overheating.

Preset cooking program

Have to choose the right capacity and time to make a dish? This is not necessary with the Fagor microwave. Just put the food in the oven, select the dish and weight, and the microwave will run the right program for you. It's easy and convenient!

Touch control

Using control panels is completely convenient without spending too much time cleaning them! Now, finding and setting cooking programs is faster and easier thanks to touch-sensitive buttons, replacing outdated mechanical controls or buttons. The sensor components are located below the flat and sturdy surface of the control panel. This keeps the front panel clean and tidy. No openings means there's no room for dirt to accumulate. Enjoy the convenience of the touch panel!

Stainless steel oven cavity

Microwave cavity is made of stainless steel, durable, safe and completely easy to clean!

Child Lock

Do you accidentally turn on/off the stove while busy with many things at once? Especially when there are small children in the house, it will be extremely dangerous. To limit risks, Fagor cookers are equipped with a special locking mode. Turn on lock mode, and you'll be in full control. Now you can rest assured about the safety of all family members.

Electronic timer system

With the electronic control system, the heat level and cooking time can be precisely adjusted. This is a useful function, especially when you want to cook ready-to-eat foods, which should be done according to the manufacturer's cooking instructions. Please enjoy this utility!

Quick start

When you get home, you feel hungry and need to eat something right away? At this point, the quick start feature is ideal in this situation. With just one touch, the oven is on and your favorite meal is ready in minutes.


The turntable ensures that the food is heated evenly from the inside and outside, and the base. Enjoy your meal!

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total capacity






Baking capacity



Black glasses


Container material: powder coated steel




Touch to open the door

Children lock

Quartz grill, grill, microwave oven combination

Defrost by quantity and time

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