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  • BakingPro

  • Capacity XXL

  • Fast heating

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Product Description

Combination steam oven

A perfect combination of standard baking features and steaming programs. Now you can steam vegetables, bake bread or even make a cake the traditional way. Ovens with steaming programs are the ideal solution for those who wish to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Your family will surely love steamed dishes for their succulent and nutritious taste. Feel it for yourself!

Largest capacity XXL – 77L on the market

Spin and bake more: cater for the whole family with its 77 liter oven capacity. Not only the large oven cavity, the baking tray is also larger, making it easier to cook more at the same time.

Fagor .’s BakingPro System

Baking delicious food requires not only skill, a suitable oven is also a prerequisite. With the BakingPro system, we don't have to worry about uneven or dry baking! With an even temperature distribution inside the oven cavity, cakes and pies are always perfect from the inside, without overcooking on the outside. Even the food near the door is perfectly cooked thanks to the heaters located near the front of the oven. The oven size is now larger and improved with multiple baking levels to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

Preheat oven for 3 minutes

Are you often in a hurry and don't have time for anything? This function can help you to quickly heat the oven to the desired temperature. The temperature inside the oven cavity will reach 150°C in just 3 minutes! This function can be turned on for a while before you put the food in the oven, thus ensuring everything is done on time

12 baking functions

Need more baking options? Use the oven's 12 baking functions, extremely practical and convenient. Depending on your needs, you can choose to defrost the meat quickly, or use the grill features for a better taste. This makes cooking more enjoyable.

Built-in baking programs

This saves you blocks of your precious time. With built-in cooking programs, referenced by professional chefs, you can now prepare meals quickly without having to think about how long it takes to cook, or the temperature. How to suit each size and type of food. The oven will do all this for you and the results are sure to surprise you!

Built-in steaming programs

Preparing a healthy meal has never been so easy! To cook a delicious and healthy meal, simply fill the oven compartment with water, and select a preset steaming program. Meals prepared this way can both retain essential nutrients, be succulent and low in fat. Let's enjoy a healthy and healthy life!

Enhanced Steaming

Want to prepare a delicious and vitamin-rich meal? This is completely doable. Try out the brand new steaming feature of the Fagor oven, the dish is not only delicious, but also healthy. More appealing flavors and textures without losing valuable vitamins and trace elements thanks to a dedicated steam generator with precise steam injection: the system evenly distributes steam throughout the oven cavity. , make sure your baking will be extremely perfect. Food prepared in the steam oven is full of flavor and healthy nutrients.

Supergrill enhanced grill function

Want an attractive BBQ party at any time? Now, this is completely possible with the Fagor oven. With the Supergrill feature, you can grill larger cuts of meat with a tender inside and delicious crispy skin on the outside.

Enamel finish – easy to clean

Oven cleaning must be extremely boring? To aid in cleaning, the inside of Fagor's oven is coated with a special enamel that is easy to clean, with no gaps or dents, preventing dirt and grease from accumulating. Now cleaning is easier than ever. Don't waste too much time on cleaning, dedicate it to family, friends, or personal hobbies. Your life will become more comfortable!

The oven side is always 43°C

Does touching the oven door during operation burn your hands? The answer is “No” for Fagor ovens, where the temperature in the glass door of the oven is never more than 43°C. The oven is equipped with a special ventilation system, combined with a cooling fan, to ensure that there is always a cool air convection between the glass windows. The temperature outside the oven door is low, allowing you to monitor the food at close range without any risk of burns.

Energy Saving A+

Paying the monthly electric bill always gives people a headache? Always keeping your family budget and your surroundings in mind, Fagor has launched ovens with low energy consumption solutions, as a result, the monthly electricity bill will be significantly reduced. The Fagor Oven works perfectly!

No fingerprints

No more fingerprints on your microwave. You can now comfortably touch the oven because the front of the oven has a special coating that prevents fingerprints from being visible. Instead of wasting time cleaning, you can try many new recipes that are sure to surprise your family and friends.

Hydrolytic cleaning system

No more time consuming oven cleaning! With the Aqualytic hydrolytic cleaning system, stubborn stains will be removed easily and quickly. Just add 0.5l of water to the tray and activate the program, then you only need to dispose of the dirt after completing the program. This solution is extremely simple because the oven cavity is coated with a super-smooth AquaRealEase® enamel that resists staining, or penetrating the surface. Now, with no effort required to clean, the oven stays clean and stain-free!

Scratched stainless steel plating

The attention to detail with the luxurious brushed stainless steel finish shows the level of quality throughout the manufacturing process of the device.

3 layers of glass

You burned your hand when touching the oven door while it was still hot? For the Fagor oven, this will no longer be the case. The oven door is equipped with 3 layers of glass – the inner glass reflects heat, helping to prevent the outer glass from overheating. Safety for all members of your family.

Side stand

Fagor Oven offers practical and convenient solutions for you. With side grooves, you can easily and safely remove the baking trays. Want to clean the inside of the oven? Simply remove the brackets, which is extremely easy, as they are attached to special joints. In addition, you can also wash the racks in the dishwasher to save time on cleaning. And if you need damping sliders, you can buy them and easily mount them in the brackets. It's so convenient!

Damping slider, fully extended, with STOP latch

Convenience and safety are two important factors in the kitchen. With a unique slider design, it can be pulled and extended to the full length of the oven cavity, making access to pots and containers easy. You can now comfortably pull the entire baking tray out of the oven before lifting it up. All thanks to the damping sliders, equipped with a special brake mechanism, which slows down when sliding in or out of the oven. It is now completely safe to move hot and heavy trays in or out of the oven without burns.

Wide temperature range: 30°C – 280°C

The oven offers multiple temperature levels giving you the flexibility to cook so you can prepare meals quickly. 30⁰C is the ideal temperature for baking, 40-50⁰C is perfect for defrosting meats, 200⁰C for baking a quick layered pie, or 280⁰C your favorite pizza. Enjoy this convenience!

Door system easy to clean

You probably know how difficult it is to clean the oven door, door glass and especially the nooks and crannies inside the oven? Fagor oven doors are equipped with special hinges that can be quickly removed. With this type of hinge, you can safely remove the door and clean it. In addition, it also gives you access to the corners of the oven cavity, and makes cleaning easier.

Upper door brace

We all know how difficult it is to clean all the nooks and crannies. But not for the Fagor oven! The splint above the door helps to seal the oven door, preventing all dirt from accumulating. It's also easy to remove when a more thorough cleaning is required. Totally convenient, right?

Non-stick baking tray

We bring useful nanotechnology solutions for ovens. The special water-resistant enamel of the baking tray helps prevent grease and dirt from sticking, so cleaning and maintenance is easier.

Halogen lighting system

No need to open the oven door to check if everything is working properly. Halogen lamps illuminate the entire oven cavity, clearly showing the cooking process. It's convenient to be able to see everything clearly without having to open the oven door and lower the temperature!

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Energy saving standards






Baking capacity


Grilling capacity on


Lower grill capacity




Dimensions of drawers


Grill function


Default program



Stainless steel color

Stainless steel handle

6 layers of grill

9 baking programs

TCP Processor

Highest temperature 280°C

Front oven temperature 43°C

Doors open hinges

Hydrolysis cleaning system

Non-stick baking tray

Fast heating

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