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  • Luxury frosted glass

  • Keep warm 65°C

  • 20% wider glass

  • 3 fast heating zones

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Product Description

Luxurious satinmatt heating zone

The Fagorsatinmatt surface heating zone offers more than a distinct and classy design! The matte surface helps to minimize scratches when operating, the kitchen is as beautiful as new even after a long time of use. Not only that, the worry of moving when cooking is also gone. Feel free to manipulate and enjoy!

20% wider glass

The largest glass on the market, up to 20% wider. All cooking operations become easy and fast. 3 or 4 pots on the stove at the same time? No problem! It's still easy to move pots and pans out of the cooking zone to season or lower the temperature! The large glass size also makes Fagor induction cookers the perfect candidate to replace old stoves, as the 518mm deep glass helps to cover/fit the pre-drilled stone holes. What are you waiting for?


Don't waste too much time cooking when you can spend time relaxing! With the PowerBooster quick cooking feature, the increased heat allows you to prepare meals faster. Water can be boiled in less than 3 minutes. In addition, shorter frying or cooking times mean less essential nutrients are lost. You'll have a quick and healthy meal!

Minute minder

Specify how long the hob should run. When the time is up, the hob automatically turns off the heating zone, and beeps. Now you can use the Minute minder as an egg timer. With the Fagor hobs, a soft-boiled egg will never be a hard-boiled one. Have full control over time!

Timer mode

Sets the length of time the stove works. And when the time is up, the cooking zone will automatically turn off and sound an alarm. You can now use the timer to boil eggs. With the Fagor stove, poached eggs will no longer become overcooked because they have been boiled for too long. You have complete control over the timing!

Heat control

This feature will let you know if the cooking zone is still hot after removing the pot from the hob. For temperatures above 60°C, an 'H' will be displayed on the control panel. From 45°C to 60°C, an 'h' will be displayed. Your stove is now completely safe!

Child Lock

Do you accidentally turn on/off the stove while busy with many things at once? Especially when there are small children in the house, it will be extremely dangerous. To limit risks, Fagor cookers are equipped with a special locking mode. Turn on lock mode, and you'll be in full control. Now you can rest assured about the safety of all family members.

Automatic detection of pots/pans

Is this a smart stove? Exactly! Simply select the cooking zone, and place the pot on it, and the hob will adjust the heating surface to suit the shape and size of the pot. Using the hob becomes safer and more economical, as it gives you complete control over energy consumption.

Touch control system

Forget about cleaning stains around buttons! Fagor hoods are equipped with a touch control system located below the glass. As a result, you can clean the control panel easily and quickly, as well as easily access all the features of the machine. Experience how addictive this add-on can be!

Product details








Type of stove

Induction cooker

Kitchen surface

schott glass


Touch sensor



Total capacity


Number of cooking zones




Dimensions of drawers


Cooking Zone

1 cooking zone 21cm - 2/3kW

1 cooking zone 16cm - 1.2/1.4kW

1 cooking zone 29cm - 2.6/3.7kW


3 cooking zones with quick heating

9 heat levels

Automatic detection of pots/pans


Timer alert

Identify small pots/pans

Keep warm 65°C

Overheating signal

Residual heat alarm

Children lock

Anti-overflow signal Báo

Limited operating time

Temperature limit

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