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Product Description


No more worrying about leaks or spills, Aquastop also supports direct hot water supply with temperatures up to 60°C! If you already have a hot water source, nothing is more convenient and energy-saving than being able to supply it directly to the machine! This feature is also great for hot areas, where water temperatures can naturally rise and affect the water supply and internal components. If there is a water leak inside the machine, the AquaStop system will be activated and automatically cut off the water supply to the machine, you can be completely confident that the water will not spill onto the floor,  or leak into the neighbor's house. Everything is under control!

Enhanced drying

Want your dishes completely dry? It's easy, just turn on the enhanced drying feature. The drying cycle will take longer than usual, but the results are outstanding.

Enhanced Coating

Dumpling clean dishes with enhanced coating feature. More rinse water and more rinse time in the final rinse, ensuring perfectly clean dishes! No more unpleasant odors!

SuperActive drying mode

Dishwasher, but you still have to dry the dishes yourself? That's no longer the case! The dishwasher's SuperActive drying system gives your dishes a clean, dry feel. Hot steam is directed through a larger exhaust system, dishes become dry and shiny after each wash. Enjoy life!

HotAir drying technology

Is the thought of having to put the dishes somewhere to dry after taking them out of the dishwasher? Now, this problem is no more. The HotAir system of hot air dries dishes based on the principle of rapid evaporation and condensation of water. The water of the final discharge is heated to high temperature and evaporated; The air inside the machine compartment will heat up, helping to dry the dishes. Absolutely clean, dry and convenient right?

Half Load Wash – Top Basket or Bottom Basket

Not all dishes are dirty, but you still want all your little dishes clean? Now you can choose any dish rack you need to wash with the half-load wash - choose the top or bottom basket. If the top nozzle is selected, only the dishes in the top rack(s) are washed; Select the nozzle below, only the dishes in the lower rack are washed, saving electricity and water, providing maximum efficiency for the dishes to be washed.

Energy saving standard A++

Paying your monthly electric bill is always a headache. Keeping your family budget and your surroundings in mind, Fagor has launched dishwashers with low energy solutions, so your monthly electricity bill will be reduced. The energy consumption of class A++ dishwashers is about 37 kWh/ year more economical than that of class A+. This means up to 32 wash cycles in 1 year with the same power consumption. Fagor dishwashers are completely efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly!


Optimal use of space inside the engine compartment means more dishes can be washed in one cycle. 3 convenient dish baskets make it easy to put up to 13 European tableware. Scientific arrangement supports more efficient dishwashing. It is equally important to save water and energy while maintaining the highest washing and drying performance.

Timer 1-24h

You can plan the whole day, why not schedule it to do housework? Just choose the right time to start washing dishes using the timer feature. Set a time to start the wash cycle when you're not at home, and finish it when you get home from a relaxing afternoon. The timer starts from 1-24h, so you can start the wash cycle at night when the power consumption tariff is lower.

Floating Switch Anti-Spill System

Dishwasher is working, but can you go to the store or chat with friends? Of course it is! The machine is equipped with an anti-spill system, preventing water from spilling onto the floor. Now, you can leave the machine running, and go outside or even lie down on the sofa to take a nap if you want.

LED screen displays information

You don't have to worry about when the wash cycle ends, or whether the dishes are being washed or dried: check the LED display. Time, washing program, washing stage clearly and fully displayed. Stay up to date!

Child Lock

Curious kids can play everywhere, including in the kitchen. Fortunately, Fagor dishwashers can protect them from dangers by locking the function buttons. You no longer have to worry about accidentally turning off or changing your machine's settings. All dishes are cleaned according to your plan!

Move up and down flexibly

Can't fit everything in the dishwasher? The flexible up and down system helps manage the space inside the machine the way you want. The upper dish rack can be moved up or down to increase the upper area for large pots and pans or too tall glasses/cups. You can now move the rack even when it's full of dishes. More space, more convenience!

Collapsible stand

Now you can manage the space inside your dishwasher to fit as much as you want. Not enough room to hold a lot of things? Simply fold the top shelves to increase capacity. If you need more space for a large pot, pan, or bowl, fold the racks underneath, and you'll have more room for the larger dishes you want. Both types of racks are designed to help you use the space inside your dishwasher the way you want.

Safe to wash wine glass

dishes of various shapes and sizes pose a risk of breaking when placed in the dishwasher. Now, Fagor offers a secure solution to this problem. The dish rack is equipped with special silicone rubber pads, which help keep the cups apart, minimizing shifting during the wash cycle, so they don't collide and scratch each other. Wine glasses, on the other hand, are the most fragile of glass. Therefore, the machine is equipped with a special holder with silicone rubber lining, to minimize the risk of glass breakage. Now you can easily use the dishwasher to wash all kinds of glassware. Make sure everything is not only clean but also safe, not broken during the washing process.


It takes time to get every little item out of the dishwasher! The MaxiSpace3 is the third rack, located on the top of the machine, designed to solve this problem. You no longer have to bend over to get the cutlery, the machine has a dedicated holder for these items. In addition, this helps to make the most of the space inside the engine room. No need to waste space for cutlery in the lower rack, you can now wash 14 European dinnerware sets at once. The more dishes you put in the machine, the more you can save per wash cycle.

Low noise

The sound coming from the kitchen is not always pleasant, especially when the kitchen is connected to the living room. That is why Fagor produces dishwashers that do not make too much noise when operating. The device is soundproofed with special pads inside the body and the noise level is reduced to 41 dB, now your ears are completely comfortable and pleasant. The dishwasher continues to work without making any noise.

Low water consumption

If you care about the environment and family budget, the Fagor dishwasher will surely satisfy you. Only need less water for each wash cycle, still achieve the best dishwashing effect. This means a reduction in the cost per use of the dishwasher. Every liter of water counts - the less water you use, the more you save, while helping the environment around you - all in one.

Salt level sensor

Don't know how much salt is left to soften the dishwasher water? The machine will now tell you that. The salt level sensor will light a warning LED when the salt level is low. You no longer have to worry about the little things, everything is solved!

Flush aid water level sensor

You no longer have to wonder and check if your dishwasher has enough rinse aid left in the drawer. If the rinse aid level LED is off, everything is fine. Conversely, the warning LED comes on when triggered by the sensor, indicating it's time to add rinse aid. Now you don't have to worry about when to refill, the dishes will always be shiny.

Independent design

Are you in the process of designing your dream kitchen but worried about whether your dishwasher will fit in your kitchen? Does not matter! You can buy a stand-alone dishwasher, install it on its own, or mount it under a kitchen counter. Aesthetics and functionality combine!

Powerful jet of water

Are the items in the corner of the shelf completely washed? Stubborn stains located on the bottom of the plate, inside the bowl / cup or between the embossed veins on the utensils always give you a headache? Now you don't need to wash anything again after washing it in the dishwasher. The improved water jet impeller, mounted underneath the top rack, rotates around the shaft while spraying water to uniformly clean all details and surfaces of the dishes. Everything is clean and shiny  perfect inside and out.

Washing powder compartment and automatic rinse aid

When you have installed the wash program and started the machine, but...the dishwashing powder is stuck, because the dishes prevent the drawer from opening. At this point, the detergent dispenser with the slide opening feature can solve this problem. Dishwashing powder is always released when needed, for perfect cleaning results. In addition, a small compartment contains rinse aid with electronic dosing, helping to accurately measure the right amount of rinse aid. The dishes are perfectly clean and shiny.

3-stage filter

Your dishwasher is safe now. All dirt and residue is removed with the 3-stage filter assembly. Each filter step has a different task. The pre-filter helps to prevent and remove food waste from the machine. The filter basket prevents large solids such as bone fragments - which can be removed by hand after washing dishes. The third and final step is the fine filter, which keeps leftovers in a special container where they can't stay inside the dishwasher. 3-stage protection, which prolongs the life of the machine and continues to achieve high washing performance.

Modern stainless steel design

The exterior of the machine is made of stainless steel with modern square lines, easily matching the design of your kitchen.

Restart the program

The house lost power? However, you do not need to restart the entire dishwasher program when this problem occurs. The WashRestart feature saves all settings and the exact phase of the wash cycle will resume when power is restored.

Stainless steel engine compartment

Now you no longer have to worry about the durability of your dishwasher with a stainless steel housing. When the machine is used properly, it will not rust. In addition, stainless steel will reduce the accumulation of dirt and grease, thus preventing bacteria from multiplying. The dishes are completely clean and safe to use.

LED interior lighting

When the dishwasher door is open, the light will come on automatically. This makes the inside of the engine bay clearly visible.

Product details








Standard of drying



13 sets of tableware

Energy Consumption


Water Consumption


Noise level


Reference program


Energy saving standards


Effective washing standards





Superactive drying system

3 propellers spray water

Lights in the dishwasher

Automatic rinse aid

water leak prevention system

Overflow detection system

Child Lock

Show washing program

Wash half load

Timer 1-24h

Washing mode with all-in-one washing tablets

Enhanced drying


3 baskets of dishes

VDE plug


Washing Program


Quick wash 30'

Economical wash

Strong wash 50'

wash 60°C

Smart wash 30-50C

Smart wash 50-60C

Smart wash 60-70C

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